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  • 24 Dec, 2021 Christmas Closure
    Salvatore Robuschi offices are closed from December 24th until January 2nd included for Christmas holidays.
    Our staff will be at your disposal again on Monday 3rd of January.

    We wish  you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • 6 Aug, 2021 Summer Holidays
    Salvatore Robuschi will be closed for summer holidays from 7th until 22nd of August.
    Our staff will be at your disposal starting from Monday 23rd.
  • 24 Dec, 2020 Christmas Closure
    Salvatore Robuschi will be closed for Christmas holidays from December 24th until January 6th.
    Our staff will be at your disposal starting from Thursday 7th of January.
    All the SR team would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families.
  • 19 Dec, 2020 Christmas Concert
    Also this year the Christmas Concert has been organized by the "Amici delle Piccole Figlie" association.
    The charity event, supporting the Hospice Piccole Figlie, wil take place  in a different way: the concert will be Saturday 19th of December at 5.30 pm, of cource without an audience due to COVID emergency, but available in streaming  on the website.
    Salvatore Robuschi knows that this year, more than ever, is essential supporting the charity so has decided to sponsor this event also in such a particular year.
  • 29 Oct, 2020 Prime Company
    CRIBIS D&B also this year has confirmed that Salvatore Robuschi & C. s.r.l. is a "PRIME COMPANY".

    "We are happy to get this recognition for maximum reliability in economy and financial fields; this is the 5th following year and it's the best reward for all our efforts" says the CEO, Giulio Schiaretti.
  • 3 Aug, 2020 Summer Holidays
    Salvatore Robuschi will be closed from August 10th to 21st for summer holidays.

    This year, to offer the best support to all our customers, the COMMERCIAL OFFICES will be at your disposal from 17th to 21st.

    If you need a quote or any info contact our salesmen!
  • 21 Jul, 2020 Legality rating
    Also in 2020 financial and fiscal transparency and a great social commitment by Salvatore Robuschi have given important results.
    In fact this year the Autority Guarantor for Competition and Trade has confirmed the same legality rating for our company.
  • 1 Jul, 2020 Salvatore Robuschi EAC EX
    Salvatore Robuschi has got the TRCU 012/2011 certification to sell pumps in Eurasian Customs Union.
    The pumps for Explosion Area sold in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia  will be marked with EAC EX logo.
  • 4 May, 2020 Back at work
    Salvatore Robuschi is now 100% open for all the customers all around the world.
    All the staff must respect some actions and norms to avoid any possible infection and work in safety, but all the company is fully operative.
    The pandemic that has been unleashed in last months all over the world, striking heavily the north of Italy, has brought serious damage in terms of loss of lifes but also of economic assets.
    Salvatore Robuschi was able to react promptly to this emergency ensuring the safety of all employees and giving full support to all customers in the essential supply chain.

    As early as February 24, when the first news of contamination in Italy was on the newspapers, understanding the dangerous situation, the management adopted important preventive measures, anticipating the directives that would be communicated by official authorities only after few days. Immediately masks were provided to all the employees and sanitizer dispensers were placed in the company's key sites; the employee and worker positions were moved to ensure a minimum safety distance, staggering the entrances and breaks in order to limit contact between people.

    In a second phase, almost all employees were equipped with the necessary tools to regularly perform their work from home in smart-working mode; management also stipulated insurance coverage for all employees covering any medical expenses, recovery allowances and post-convalescence care caused by Covid19.

    When the Italian Government later decided the closure of all "non-essential" activities, the company organised itself to guarantee the regular supply of spare parts and machines to all the companies belonging to the so-called "fundamental" activities. All this has been possible thanks to the regular presence of some employees who are in a condition to work safely according to the protocol signed with the government and social partners.
    In order to maintain a high level of safety, regular sanitization of the offices and production unit was also carried out, providing a workplace that is as risk-free as possible.

    The property has always guaranteed the regular payment of salaries by providing a considerable bonus to all those who receive the redundancy fund. Moreover the company is committed to paying suppliers and tax deadlines on time, firmly believing that we are all part of a chain that Salvatore Robuschi doesn't want to break, but rather to make it stronger in such a difficult moment.

    A set of activities, projects, efforts but above all people that has made Salvatore Robuschi an example of proactive commitment in the fight against COVID-19.
  • 14 Apr, 2020 COVID-19
    Salvatore Robuschi is sorry to inform you that, following the new Prime Minister's decree dated April 10, the company will continue to operate as previously announced.
    Supplies will be granted to all customers in possession of the Prefect's authorization as "essential activities".
    Offices activities will continue in smart working as always.
    With the hope of resuming normal operations on Monday May 4th, we invite you to contact our staff for further clarification.
  • 3 Apr, 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown
    COVID-19 pandemic development has taken italian government to extend the lockdown for all the production sites "not essential" until April 13th.
    Salvatore Robuschi would like to remember that all the essential supplies are granted for all those who submit the authorization.
    All our offices staff is at your disposal working from home in smart working.
  • 26 Mar, 2020 COVID-19 Closure
    Dear Customers,
    in accordance with Ministerial Decree of 22 march 2020, Salvatore Robuschi will be organized as follows:
    From 26 march to 3 april, production will be active for all the companies with ATECO code included in the annex 1 of the Prime Ministerial Decree and request our support, as we have already activated the authorization by the Prefect.
    Commercial and administrative services will be available due to an efficient smart working organization.

    Our sales staff will be at your disposal to answer to all your enquiries by mail or phone.

    We would like to thank you for your comprehension in this difficult moment, Salvatore Robuschi send you best regards.
  • 14 Jan, 2020 Premio Qualità Sociale d'Impresa
    During the 7th edition of "Luisa Sassi" prize, for companies which have made efforts to include in working world people with disabilities, Salvatore Robuschi has been rewarded.
    In 2019 our company assumed a blind person, adapting all the instruments to let her be completely indipendent to manage the reception role.
  • 21 Dec, 2019 Christmas Holidays
    Salvatore Robuschi will be closed from December 21st until January 6th for winter holidays.
    We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
    Our staff will be at your disposal starting from January 7th.
  • 15 Dec, 2019 Christmas Concert
    Also this year Salvatore Robuschi is promoting  the second "Concerto sotto l'albero".
    Sunday Dec. 15th, 5 pm at Teatro Regio in Parma, many artists will play for a charity scope.
    Waiting for you to get the same success as the last year!
    Free entrance with offer for Hospice Cure Palliative.
  • 23 Sep, 2019 Weftec 2019
    Salvatore Robuschi will be present in Chicago from September 23rd to 25th.
    Join us at WEFTEC 2019 in booth 5543!

    Use our promo code EVITE3321 for a FREE Expo Registration!
  • 2 Jul, 2019 Chiusura Estiva 2019
    Salvatore Robuschi will be closed for summer holidays from August 12th until 23rd included.
    Our staff will be at your disposal starting from Monday 26th!
  • 25 Mar, 2019 Wietec Flowtech 2019
    Salvatore Robuschi will be present at WIETEC FLOWTECH in Shangai (China) from June 3rd to 5th at booth 5.2H312. Visit us!
  • 16 Dec, 2018 Christmas Concert
    On Sunday December 16th, 5,30 PM, will take place "Concerto Sotto l'Albero" at Teatro Regio in Parma.
    The "Opera Italiana Bruno Bartoletti" philarmonic orchestra and "Giuseppe Verdi" choir with Andrea Chinaglia director, will play for Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni and more.
    Salvatore Robuschi is partner of this event, presented by "Amici delle Piccole Figlie", which wants to gather funds for Hospice Centro Cure Palliative di Parma.
    Free offer entry.
  • 27 Nov, 2018 Christmas holidays
    Salvatore Robuschi will be closed from December 2018 24th until January 2019 2nd for Christmas holidays.
    Our staff will be at your disposal starting from Thursday 3rd.
    We wish you happy holidays!
  • 27 Jun, 2018 Summer Holidays 2018
    Salvatore Robuschi will be closed from 9th until 21st of August for summer holidays.
    Our staff will be at your disposal starting from Wednesday 22nd.
    Enjoy your summer!
  • 11 Jun, 2018 Achema 2018
    ACHEMA is the leading fair for all sectors of the process industry, offering a panorama of current technology trends and a technology platform with a worldwide signalling effect.
    166,000 participants from around 100 different countries... including 30,000 executives from top and middle management: ACHEMA is the communication hub of the process industry. This is where the technology trends of our sector are launched, investment decisions are made and new ventures initiated.

    Visit Us At:
    HALL 9.0 booth F3
    Salvatore Robuschi has released, for 2018 exhibitions, two new catalogues about food applications and waste water treatment.
    This two brochures are available to be downloaded in "PRODUCTS" area on our website, choosing one between RD, RG, RB, RC models and going in "Catalogues" at the bottom of the page.
    Find out more!
  • 14 May, 2018 IFAT 2018


    The World's Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies boasts a high international presence and an impressive number of exhibitors and visitors. A fixed date in the diaries for businesses in the water, sewage, waste and raw materials industry, IFAT provides you with everything you need to make your trade fair appearance a success.

    Visit us At :

    HALL B1 booth 405

  • 9 May, 2018 LEGALITY RATING
    Salvatore Robuschi & C. s.r.l. has received from Autority Guarantor for Competition and Trade the legality rating with score *+.
    This reward proves efforts made by the company all to grant the maximum frankness in financial, fiscal and social fields.
    Management wants to continue on this path and in the next years will keep or also improve Salvatore Robuschi rating.
    Also this year CRIBIS D&B has named Salvatore Robuschi & C. s.r.l. as "PRIME COMPANY", the recognition for maximum reliability in economy and financial fields.

    CRIBIS D&B is a branch of CRIF, the first European group in credit information and one of the most important societies in business & commercial information and credit & marketing management. CRIF is also the first italian Credit Rating Agency.

    Salvatore Robuschi is glad to receive this reward for the 4th following year, this shows efforts made by all the company to grant to every partner, internal and esternal, maximum reliability during the years.

    Proud about this result, Salvatore Robuschi works hard to keep a management faced to innovation and company improvement.

    Con la presente Vi comunichiamo che Salvatore Robuschi & C. s.r.l. sarà chiusa il giorno Lunedì 30 Aprile in occasione del ponte per la festività del 1°Maggio.
    Le normali attività riprenderanno a partire da Mercoledì 02 Maggio.

  • 20 Mar, 2018 Anuga Food Tec 2018


    As the leading global trade fair, Anuga FoodTec is the most important driving force of the international food and beverage industry again. It is the only trade fair in the world that covers all aspects of food production.

    The industry presents its innovations and technological visions at Anuga FoodTec – from processing, filling and packaging technology to packaging materials, ingredients, food safety and the entire range of innovations from all the areas associated with food production.

    It provides every solution for every food industry!

    Visit us At: HALL 10.2 booth G-008

  • 2 Oct, 2017 WEFTEC 2017
    WEFTEC®, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, is the biggest meeting of its kind in North America and offers thousands of water quality professionals from around the world the best water quality education and training available today. Also recognized as the world’s largest annual water quality exhibition, WEFTEC’s massive show floor provides unparalleled access to the field’s most cutting-edge technologies and services. 
  • 7 Aug, 2017 SUMMER HOLIDAY 2017
    The company are closed for holiday from 07 August 2017 to 22 August 2017.
    Our office open on 23 August

    Have nice Holiday 
  • 4 May, 2017 IFAT 2017 CHINA

    As the Asia's leading environmental show, IE expo China 2017 offers an effective business and networking platform for Chinese and international professionals in the environmental sector and is accompanied by first-class technical-scientific conference program. It is the ideal platform for the professionals in the environmental industry to develop business, exchange idea and do networking.

    Along with the increased market demand and big support in the environmental industry from the Chinese government, the business potential in the environmental industry in China will be huge. Undoubtedly, IE expo China 2017 will be a “must” for the environmental players to exchange ideas and develop their business in Asia.

    IE expo China 2017 will take place from May 4 to 6, 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, which will cover all the high potential markets in Asia.

  • 12 Nov, 2016 Requiem – fundraising

    Salvatore Robuschi is committed to promoting voluntary activities by funding  this event for Hospice Piccole Figlie Onlus, to support the Hospice of Parma and the Congregation of  Piccole Figlie.

    It is the W.A. Mozart K626 Requiem concert, a very important music event.

    The aim is the fundraising for the Hospice Piccole Figlie, attracting new volunteers.

    This concert took part on 6th May 2016 in Milan, in the Cathedral with charitable purposes. It will be performed also on Saturday, the 12th November by the Orchestra and Choir of the Concertante for Strings of Milan, the Polyphonic Choir Ars Nova, the Polyphonic Choir San Leonardo Murialdo and three other polyphonic choirs, four soloists of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, with a total staff of 250 artists. 

    The Director is Maestro Mauro Ivano Benaglia.

    Featuring a live appearance by Maestro Matteo Fedeli, a valuable first violinist, who will play a Stradivarius violin, we are convincing him to play a solo piece of music before the Requiem.

    The admission to the concert is free, on a first come first served basis, with a fundraising  to the Hospice of the Piccole Figlie.

    There was a favorable opinion from the Diocese of Parma, in the person of His Excellency Mons. Enrico Solmi, the Vestry and the Cathedral Chapter.

    The fundraising will be entirely given to charity.

  • 24 Sep, 2016 WEFTEC
    Sept. 24 - 28, 2016 
    New Orleans, Louisiana USA

  • 8 Aug, 2016 SUMMER HOLIDAY 2016
    The company are closed for holiday from 08 August 2016 to 19 August 2016.
    Our office open on 22 August

    Have nice Holiday 
  • 30 May, 2016 IFAT
    May 30 - June 3,2016 
    Messe Munchen - Hall  A6    Stand 122

  • 2 Mar, 2016 HANNOVER MESSE
    25 - 29 April
    PUMP PLAZA  Hall 15, Stand/Booth G43.32
  • 24 Dec, 2015 PDF DRAWINGS

    on our web site are available  pumps drawing in pdf 
    you can find here the guide to download our drawings
  • 24 Dec, 2015 DWG DRAWINGS

    on our web site are available  pumps drawing in DWG
    you can find here the guide to download our drawings
  • 24 Dec, 2015 DXF DRAWINGS


    on our web site are available  pumps drawing in DXF 
    you can find here below the guide to download our drawings

  • 24 Dec, 2015 STEP DRAWINGS

    on our web site are available  pumps drawing in STEP
    you can find here the guide to download our drawings
  • 24 Dec, 2015 IDW DRAWINGS


    on our web site are available  pumps drawing in IDW
    you can find here the guide to download our drawings
  • 23 Dec, 2015 MOBILE WEB SITE

    Salvatore Robuschi & C. s.r.l. received by CRIBIS D&B the  "CRIBIS D & B RATING 1" acknowledgement which is the highest rating of economic and financial reliability and it is awarded only to the 5% of more than 5 millions of Italian companies.
    This is a result of great value for Salvatore Robuschi & C. s.r.l. and confirms the financial soundness and the proper management of the Company, which has always focused on innovation, quality and business improvement.
    It is an important reward which shows the Company good work to achieve high reliability due to the balance sheet and the full respect of payment’s terms. 
    CRIBIS D&B is part of CRIF, the first group in continental Europe specialized in the banking credit information and one of the main operators in integrated services for business & commercial information and  credit & marketing management. CRIF is also the first Italian Credit Rating Agency.
  • 15 May, 2015 TR CU CERTIFICATE
  • 18 Nov, 2010 New CANTILEVER
    New cantilever pumps’ range, flow up to 400 m3/h and head up to 60 m. Available impellers’ types: vortex and channel. Characteristic features identical to the horizontal RC and RB pumps. The pump resists to abrasion, can run dry without damages , with temperatures up to 500°C and with almost no maintenance costs.
The graphics, images and texts on this site are subject to copyright by Salvatore Robuschi and C. S.r.l. and / or their respective owners and may not be reproduced or transmitted by any means, nor used in a professional or commercial context without permission written by Salvatore Robuschi and C. S.r.l. or legitimate owners.