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23Dec, 2015
Salvatore Robuschi & C. s.r.l. received by CRIBIS D&B the  "CRIBIS D & B RATING 1" acknowledgement which is the highest rating of economic and financial reliability and it is awarded only to the 5% of more than 5 millions of Italian companies.
This is a result of great value for Salvatore Robuschi & C. s.r.l. and confirms the financial soundness and the proper management of the Company, which has always focused on innovation, quality and business improvement.
It is an important reward which shows the Company good work to achieve high reliability due to the balance sheet and the full respect of payment’s terms. 
CRIBIS D&B is part of CRIF, the first group in continental Europe specialized in the banking credit information and one of the main operators in integrated services for business & commercial information and  credit & marketing management. CRIF is also the first Italian Credit Rating Agency.
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