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Technical Specifications

Maximum flow rate: 800m3/h
Maximum head: 60 mwc
Maximum pressure: 10 BAR
Maximum temperature: 180° C


Standard: AISI 316 - GJL250 Cast Iron
On request: Duplex, Superduplex, AISI 304, AISI 904, Hastelloy.


Vortex impeller

RC pumps

Simple and modular construction ISO 2858-5199 norms. Discharge sizes from DN 32 to DN 250. Large free passage clearance up to 150 mm due to the completely recessed impeller. Heavy duty shaft and bearings. Only 4 bearing brackets for the whole range. Only 1 casing cover fits every seal arrengement.


RC pumps can handle chemical and crystalline suspensions, all viscous liquid, liquid with high concentrations of fibrous suspensions, municipal and industrial wastewater, every kind of sludge. They are also used in textile, tannery, refineries, general industrial service, pulp and paper industry, foodstuffs industry, sugar industry, sea water desalination plants, absorption equipment in environmental engineering, power stations and steel industry.

Construction Versions

RCB: Independent frame with oil lubricated bearings.

RCL: As above with lantern for coupling to flanged motors.

RCM: Close-Coupled with standard B5.

RCV: Vertical column.

RCC: Cantilver Pump.


Standard: UNI EN 1092-1 PN 10
On request: ANSI 150
50Hz Curves
60Hz Curves
Cross Sections
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