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Technical Specifications

Maximum flow rate: 850m3/h
Maximum head: 60 mwc
Maximum pressure: 10 BAR


Standard: AISI 316 SS (CF8M) - G25 Cast Iron
On request: Duplex (SAF 2205 + SAF 2507) AISI 304L, SANICRO 28, Hastelloy, Monel, Durimet, Carpenter and other alloys on specification.

RC Pumps

It can convey solid matters corresponding to 90% of delivery port diameter in size . Impeller housing specifically designed in order to reduce wear and avoid clogging. Simple and modular construction. Impellers and other components obtained through precision casting. Mechanical parts common to RD, RG and RB series. Shafts common to all the series with standard motor.


Centrifugal pump with impeller placed in a back recess in the casing cover. Most of the product flows through the pump without reaching the impeller thus allowing to handle any kind of liquid while avoiding pump clogging. Pumps belonging to this series are fit for liquids containing suspended solid even filamentous matter, hence they can be extensively used in Paper Industry, Sugar Industry, Food Industry, Waste Water Conditioning Plants, etc.

Construction Versions

RC: Independent frame with oil lubricated bearings.

RCL: As above with lantern for coupling to flanged motors

RCM: Close-Coupled with standard B5

RCV: Vertical column .

RCC: Cantilver Pump .


Standard: UNI EN 1092-1 Pn10. On request: ANSI 150 drilled.
50Hz Curves
60Hz Curves
Cross Sections