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Digester Feeding

Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic digestion is the process by which organic
matter such as animal or food waste is broken down to
produce biogas and bio-fertilizer.
This process happens in the absence of oxygen in a
sealed, oxygen-free tank called anaerobic digester

Application: Digester Feeding

PUMP: RBB 100 25AR 181 13
PERFORMANCE: Flow 100 m3/h – head 20 m
LIQUID: soya sillage
Pumps are used for liquid feeding inside the digester in a biogas plant.
The sillage is water containing wastes coming from the production of food obtained by using soya  seeds. The pump is able to guarantee, thanks to the use of the channel impeller, high efficiencies even with dirty liquids  


Impeller type: channel.
Discharge sizes: from DN 65 to DN 300.
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar 
Flow rate: up to 2400 m3 /hr.
Differential head: up to 70 m.
Impeller with special blades geometry for low NPSH and high free passage.

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