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Pet Flakes Cleaning

Chemical Industry

A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that manufactures chemicals, usually on a large scale. 
A chemical plant commonly has large vessels or sections called units or lines that are interconnected by piping which can carry streams of material 
Such material streams can include fluids (gas or liquid carried in piping), sometimes solids or mixtures such as slurries. 

Application : Pet Flakes Cleaning

PUMP: RCC 80 25C 6B75 150 S
PERFORMANCE: Flow 60 m3/h – head 10 m
LIQUID:  water with suspended fine PET flakes, traces of  NaOH and foam due to the additives

Pumped liquid contains not only PET flakes but also foam. Using cantilever execution instead of horizontal chemical pump, the foam present in the liquid doesn’t stop the cleaning process of PET flakes coming from PET bottles. 
PET flakes are abrasive: pump’s body is in CA6NM with hardness around 350 HB.
A key feature of cantilever pump is that there no bearings or bushings submerged therefore the pump can handle liquid with solids and operate dry. 


Impeller type: vortex.
Flow rate: up to 500 m3 /hr. 
Differential head: up to 60 m.
Large free passage clearance up to 150 mm due to the completely recessed impeller.
Heavy duty shaft and bearings.
 - None of the bearings are in the liquid and there is no shaft seal or bearing bush;
 - Pumps can run dry without risk of damage;
 - Reliable operation and reduced costs.
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