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Chemical Transfer Pump

Chemical Industry

A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that manufactures chemicals, usually on a large scale. 
A chemical plant commonly has usually large vessels or sections called units or lines that are interconnected by piping which can carry streams of material 
Such material streams can include fluids (gas or liquid carried in piping), sometimes solids or mixtures such as slurries. 

Application : Chemical Transfer Pump

PUMP: RBB 125-40H 4C75 E299 6
PERFORMANCE: Flow 300 m3/h – head 30 m

RB pumps are made from corrosion resistant materials AISI 904L to ensure that they are suitable for use with aggressive industrial fluids. When selecting a chemical pump, it is important that you have checked that it is compatible with the specific chemical composition that the pump is used for transferring. 


Impeller type: channel.
Discharge sizes: from DN 65 to DN 300.
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar 
Flow rate: up to 2400 m3 /hr.
Differential head: up to 70 m.
Impeller with special blades geometry for low NPSH and high free passage.