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Sump Unloading

Chemical Industry

A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that manufactures chemicals, usually on a large scale. 
A chemical plant commonly has usually large vessels or sections called units or lines that are interconnected by piping which can carry streams of material 
Such material streams can include fluids (gas or liquid carried in piping), sometimes solids or mixtures such as slurries. 

Application : Sump Unloading

PUMP: RDV 65-20C 2C15 A360  3
PERFORMANCE: Flow 60 m3/h – head 25 m
LIQUID: nitric acid mixture

The sump inside safety wall. Previously customer had installed submersible pumps but even if  AISI316 was suitable for pumped liquid, pumps were short life because water nitric acid mixture, through the cable connection, went to the motor and destroyed the pumps
Now they are happy with this construction


Vertical immersible sump pump (ISO 5199 norms) line-shaft with
bearing bushes.
The pump body is immersed into the liquid,and  the motor is mounted above
the plate, keeping it away from the liquid.
The discharge pipe is separated from the column pipe and the lubrication of the line bearings is normally obtained by means of the same pumped fluid, or from an external lubricating source (such as clear liquid or grease) in abrasive services. 
Pump length: up to 6 meters.
Mounting plate: rectangular, circular  or according to customer’s specifications.
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