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Dosing Station


Petrochemicals are products derived from hydrocarbon-based raw materials such oil or gas, which are referred to as feedstock
A petrochemical plant is designed to produce physical and chemical changes in feedstock and convert it into a desired products.
Products made from petrochemical include plastics, soaps, paints, solvents, fertilizer, rubbers, pesticides and synthetic fibers

Application : Dosing Station

PUMP:  RDM 32-16BR 2B30 M183 3
PERFORMANCE: Flow 7,5m3/h – head 32 m
LIQUID: chemical solution

This is the dosing station for chemical mixtures at Antipinsk Refinery.
Generally this unit is mixing, storing and dosing of chemicals solution that prevent lime scale in high pressure steam injectors. The steam injectors are heating some devices in technological line of high-octane gasoline production. The pump itself is used for recirculation of solution inside the dosing unit.


Centrifugal pumps built according to ISO 2858/ISO 5199 norms.
Impeller type: closed.
Discharge sizes: from DN 32 to DN 125. 
Maximum working pressure: 16 bar.
Flow rate: up to 500 m3 /hr. 
Differential head: up to 140 m.
High hydraulic efficiencies and low NPSH value (investment casting impellers).

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