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Crude Oil Effluent Tank

Crude Oil and its derivative products

Crude oil is made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons, and the distillation process aims to separate this crude oil into broad categories of its component hydrocarbons, or "fractions." Crude oil is first heated and then put into a distillation column, also known as a still, where different products boil off and are recovered at different temperatures
Refineries use complex processes to distil crude oil into fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and bunker oil, or raw materials for making plastics, solvents or detergents

Application : Crude Oil Effluent Tank

PUMP: RCC 32 20AR 2C15 100 3
PERFORMANCE: Flow 15m3/h – head 57 m
LIQUID: crude oil

Crude oil coming from the main process has different viscosity (from 20 to 300cP) and is stored in a underground tank.
During the operation, flow and viscosity have different values but no level control or pump’s protection are required
A key feature of cantilever pump is that there are no bearings or bushings submerged therefore the pump can handle liquid with solids and operate dry. 

The pump is installed in ATEX ZONE 1 classified area .


 Impeller type: vortex.
Flow rate: up to 500 m3 /hr. 
Differential head: up to 60 m.
Large free passage clearance up to 150 mm due to the completely recessed impeller.
Heavy duty shaft and bearings.
 - None of the bearings are in the liquid and there is no shaft seal or bearing bush;
 - Pumps can run dry without risk of damage;
 - Reliable operation and reduced costs.

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