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Condensate Effluent Tank

Steel Processing and Metal Finishing

The manufacture of stainless steel involves a series of processes. 
First, the steel is melted, and then it is cast into solid form. After various forming steps, the steel is heat treated and then cleaned and polished to give it the desired finish.
Water is a crucial component at every stage of metal processing and finishing and large amounts of water are utilized throughout the entire process for cooling, washing, conditioning, lubricating, etching and plating.
Metal finishing entails a wide variety of processes which provide the surfaces of manufactured products with a number of desirable physical, chemical, and appearance qualities.

Application : Condensate Effluent Tank

PUMP: RCC 32-16C 2B40 065 3
PERFORMANCE: Flow 5 m3/h – head 32 m
LIQUID: condensate water with fine particles

The small particles suspended in the liquid are very fine: these particles are so dangerous for bearing bushes and mechanical seal that standard vertical sump pump can’t be used 
A key feature of cantilever pump is that there no bearings or bushings submerged therefore the pump can handle liquid with solids and operate dry. 


Impeller type: vortex.
Flow rate: up to 500 m3 /hr. 
Differential head: up to 60 m.
Large free passage clearance up to 150 mm due to the completely recessed impeller.
Heavy duty shaft and bearings.
 - None of the bearings are in the liquid and there is no shaft seal or bearing bush;
 - Pumps can run dry without risk of damage;
 - Reliable operation and reduced costs.
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