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Multiple Effect Forced Evaporator Plant

Tomato processing industry

Tomato processing industry, mainly composed of tomato pastes, sauces and canned tomato products, is distinctly separate from the fresh-market industry.
Most of the volume of processed tomatoes is packaged as tomato paste. Packed in drums, the paste is usually shipped from the processing plant to other manufacturing sites

Application : Multiple Effect Forced Evaporator Plant

PUMP: RBB 250-45H 4D20 C125 3
PERFORMANCE: Flow 660m3/h – head 40 m
LIQUID: tomato paste 28°BX – 1st effect

PUMP: RBB 300-45H 6C75 C125 3
PERFORMANCE: Flow 1100m3/h – head 17 m
LIQUID: tomato paste 8-12°BX – 2nd effect

In this type of evaporator, liquid is pumped through heat exchanger tubes at high velocity avoiding precipitation and creating high turbulence; liquid passes through vapour separator for separation of vapour and finally condensing the vapour in the condenser. 
Concentrated liquid is continuously discharged from bottom of vapour separator. Production from 300 to 2500 tons/day. 


Impeller type: channel.
Discharge sizes: from DN 65 to DN 300.
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar 
Flow rate: up to 2400 m3 /hr.
Differential head: up to 70 m.
Impeller with special blades geometry for low NPSH and high free passage.