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Waste Water treatment plant

Waste Water Treatment

Conventional waste water treatment consists of a combination of physical, chemical, biological processes and operations to remove solids, organic matter and, sometimes, nutrients from waste water. General terms used to describe different degrees of treatment to increase the treatment level, are preliminary, primary, secondary, and tertiary and/or advanced waste water treatment

Application : Waste water treatment plant

PUMP: RNB 40-25AR 2C15 M135 1
PERFORMANCE: Flow 29m3/h – head 75 m
LIQUID: clean water

Booster pumps in a wastewater treatement plant. (WWTP)
Pumps are used to clean the WWTP with clean river water at high pressure
Pumps with special RAL 3004

  Centrifugal pumps in according to EN 733 norms.
Impeller type: closed.
Discharge sizes: from DN 32 to DN 150. 
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar.
Flow rate: up to 480 m3 /hr. 
Differential head: up to 90 m.
Clean and non-aggressive liquids for the pump materials (contents of solids up to 0,2% max).