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Salvatore Robuschi's activity started back in 1935 and since then the company generational transformation has realized in high quality products. In the last fifteen years the company has focused on the production of pumps being innovative thanks to their construction technology, their fields of application, and their components modularity. The use of precision casting for the construction of many of their parts (among which the impellers) together with the relevant special designing enabled to obtain pumps that guarantee great efficiency and low NPSH values. The company prerogatives are a quick technical-commercial after-sales service, quick deliveries, and a high flexibility in coping with immediate needs. The production includes centrifugal pumps with both open and closed impeller complying with DIN 24256-ISO 2858, vortex pumps, channel pumps, and multistage pumps. All of the produced pumps are built in stainless steel and in special alloys except for the multistage pumps that are made in cast iron. The production range also includes a lighter and cheaper series built in stainless steel and guaranteeing rates of flows reaching up to 90 m3/h.

Follow the road map, it's very easy to reach us

Via Segrè 11/a 43122 Parma (I) - Tel: +39 (0)521-606285 r.a.
Fax: +39 (0)521-606278 -

  • Motorway - "A1" exit Parma.
  • Turn "Mantova" direction. After the second roundabout turn right (industrial area SPIP.)
  • After the bridge turn the second street on your left. (Nobel street).
  • Proseguire fino in fondo tenendo la destra.
  • The last factory on your right.

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