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Technical Specifications

Maximum flow rate: 500 m3/h
Maximum head: 140 mwc
Maximum pressure: 16 BAR


Standard: AISI 316 SS - (CF8M)
On request: Duplex (SAF 2205 + SAF 2507) AISI 304L, SANICRO 28, Hastelloy, Monel, Durimet, Carpenter and other alloys on specification.

Pompe RD

Simple and modular construction. Impellers and other components are obtained through precision casting. Mechanical parts common to RG and RC series. Shafts common to all the series with standard motor. Each frame size has its own casing cover in which six kind of seals can be fitted. Closed impeller pumps can be turned into semi-open impeller ones. High efficiency and low NPSH.


Centrifugal pumps with closed impeller built in compliance with DIN 24256 ISO 2858-5199 and suitable to convey clean liquids or liquids containing a small percentage of solid suspended matter. These pumps are fit to be used in chemical industry, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry. Their simple design in addition to their components extensive modularity can guarantee a limited spare parts stock as well as reduced running costs.

Construction Versions

RD: Independent frame with oil lubricated bearings

RDL: As above with lantern for coupling to flanged motors

RDM: Close-Coupled with standard B5 electric motor

RDV: Vertical column


Standard: UNI EN 1092-1 Pn16 Type 21.
On request: ANSI 150 and others.
50Hz Curves
60Hz Curves
Cross Sections