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Paper Factory Waste Water Treatment Plant

Pulp and paper industry

Paper is made by pulping wood, bleaching this pulp and then spreading it out into sheets to turn it into paper. At various stages of the process, chemicals are used to give the paper particular properties, such as the bleaching chemicals that make paper white (which also enable it to subsequently be coloured). Paper making is the process whereby pulp fibres are mechanically and chemically treated, turned into a diluted suspension, spread over a mesh surface, water removed by suction, and the resulting pad of cellulose fibres pressed and dried to form paper.

Application : Paper Factory Waste Water Treatment Plant

PUMP: RCV 125-25B 4C37 B 600 1
PERFORMANCE: Flow 400m3/h – head 11,6 m

Vertical pump with vortex impeller. 6 meters length.
The vertical immersible sump pump is installed in external sump that collects wastewater from paper pulp process. All the intermediate bearing bushes , four in this execution, are lubricated by an external source: bushes are always in contact with clean liquid.
This execution is used when the pumped liquid is dirty, sticky or with suspended solids.


Vertical immersible sump pump (ISO 5199 norms) line-shaft with
bearing bushes.
The pump body is immersed into the liquid,and  the motor is mounted above
the plate, keeping it away from the liquid.
The discharge pipe is separated from the column pipe and the lubrication of the line bearings is normally obtained by means of the same pumped fluid, or from an external lubricating source (such as clear liquid or grease) in abrasive services. 
Pump length: up to 6 meters.
Mounting plate: rectangular, circular  or according to customer’s specifications.
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